About the Program

We are proud to announce the definitive program for aficionados seeking certification as Master Mezcalier. The introduction of this program consists of ascending Levels of courses as sanctioned by CONOCER (Consejo Nacional de Normalizacion y Certificacion de Competencia Laborales), COMERCAM (Consejo Mexicano Regulador de la Calidad del Mezcal), the Conservancy of Mexican Gastronomy, A.C. (Conservatorio de la Cultura Gastronomica Mexicana) and the Asociacion Pro Mezcal Culture A.C. This program was written into Mexican law on Aug.2011 and published in the Mexican Law Journal.

The program consists of four ascending Levels of courses which need to be completed to attain the final title of Master Mezcalier. This certification program is targeted toward restaurant workers & owners, liquor store vendors, chefs, bartenders, mixologists, aficionados, press and anyone interested in furthering their professional education about the agave spirit Mezcal.

Class level #1 Basic covers in-depth information about Mezcal production, certification, law, agaves, Denomination of Origin etc- very complete coverage of what Mezcal really is and how it is defined.

Class level #2 Mixology will cover Mezcal as an alcoholic ingredient in beverages and cocktails and will take place in a lab format requiring the participant to create individual cocktails and recipes.

Class Level #3 Food will take place in Oaxaca and will cover Mezcal, in-depth, in food preparation and recipes. This one day class will take place at a cooking school and participants will be going to the local market, purchasing ingredients prior to the class.

Class Level #4 for final Title of Master Mezcalier will take place in Oaxaca immediately following level #3. Participants will visit various distilleries, agave fields, restaurants and historical settings. This course will be conducted over several days. Mezcal tastings will be conducted during all levels of each course. (We encourage everyone to eat a big meal before attending).

A certificate is issued from Comercom after the successful completion of each course

Level 1 Basic Mezcalier

Level 2 Mixology Mezcalier

Level 3 Food Mezcalier

Level 4 Master Mezcalier

Two introductory sessions of course level #1 were launched exclusively at the Spirits of Mexico Festival in San Diego and the Spirits of Mexico Event in New York City in 2011.

We anticipate adding certification classes during all of the Spirits of Mexico events in 2012 including the annual festival in San Diego in September and New York City in May. See calendar for schedule of classes. Classes will be conducted by Mr. Douglas French, President of Caballeros Inc. & Master Distiller Scorpion Mezcal SA de CV, Oaxaca, Oax, Mexico For more information on the Master Mezcalier program, please contact Barbara Sweetman of Sweetman Communications, Certifier of the Program, 914-921-6988.

Program in the US & Canada is being coordinated and managed by: Sweetman Communications